K1 Classes Admission in the 2022/23 School Year

請往「收生程序」閱覽詳資料及下載申請表格, 或致電28111686與本園聯絡。 Please go to   “Admission Procedure " for further details and download   the form, or contact us at 28111686.

招收K1-K3入學插班生 Admission to K1-K3 Classes

本園現正招收2021-2022年度K1-K3各級插班生,家長可下載報名表或親臨索取報名表格, 或致電28111686與本園聯絡。 Admission to K1-K3 Classes in 2021. Parent can download from school website or obtain from school in person, or contact us at 28111686.