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Message from the Principal

Epoch Anglo Chinese Kindergarten was established in 1987. Although it was shut down for a while, it reopened last year. The kindergarten running policy is to respect equal education, advocate multicultural integration, and develop innovative educational thinking as its development direction. The biggest specialty of the kindergarten is that Cantonese opera is used as an educational tool and the stage is used as a classroom, so that children can learn to appreciate and cherish the culture, from which they can comprehend knowledge and principles, and can expand to respect different national cultures.

The kindergarten education is child-oriented, nurturing students’ benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and faith ‘to balance children’s all-round development “. To lay a good a foundation for children’s growth and cultivate good citizens with self-confidence, good moral character, willingness to explore, active learner, perseverance and courage, positive values, and adaptability